Mt. Royal Score-O 2016


The Score-O 2016 came with a challenging course by Sven von Fellenberg. Only two runners managed to get all the controls, and the winning time by  Francis Falardeau of 1:41:30 was the longest winning time ever. The runners always needed  to navigate precisely to the  control feature, as some of the ribbons were hard to see – detailed map reading was required. In the men’s race, Francis Falardeau and Thomas Kneubühler were running head to head for the last ten controls. They both had chosen the same sequence for the ending, which made for an exciting finish. With two controls left, Falardeau took the lead and left Kneubühler 21 seconds behind at the finish. In the Women’s race, Aurore Varela  got her title back from defending champion Jessica Auer, who finished this year second.

The Results

1. Aurore Varela 470 pts
2. Jessica Auer 390
3. Marianne Coté-Jacques 325
4. Barbara Schuhmann 300
5. Maia Iotzova 290
Christine Rogers 290
7. Lina Gavrilova 280

1. Francis Falardeau 1:41:30
2. Thomas Kneubühler 1:41:51
3. Frederic Elias 580 pts
4. Danny Laviolette 560
5. Dmitri Golovanov 545
6. Stéphane Rousseau 540
7. Mike Bole 525

1. Jennifer + Dumindra Jayasinghe 375 pts
2. Andrea + Maxime Bélanger 330
Jonathan + Sam Comtois 330

Full results are here!

+ Some photos by Anna Fichmann:

The full set with all the photos is here

Thanks to everyone who made this happen, in particular John and Gloria Charlow for handling the registration, Sven von Fellenberg + Flurina for setting all the controls + all the runners who came out for the Score-O 2016!

+ the winning route by Francis Falardeau:

….and Aurore Varela:



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