Ramblers meeting on Sun Dec 11

The remarkable John Charlow has been at the helm of this Club for almost fifty years. In that time, the sport of Orienteering in the Montreal area has grown steadily in both membership and events. This year we have more keen and enthusiastic members than ever before, and so John is anxious now to pass on the tasks of running the club to others.

A restructuring of the Club is planned, and for that purpose we invite all members to a General Meeting on Sunday, December 11, at 1 p.m. The meeting will take place at 5165 Queen Mary Rd. (Snowdon metro), Montreal, in conference room #512.

On the agenda is the election of a Board of Directors, the search for name of the club (we want to become bilingual), and also an introduction and signing up for our working groups. Other items include an update on plans to organize another Canada Cup event in 2017. It will be the Eastern Canadian Championship and will be held in July, the week prior to the Canadian Championships that will be organized by Orienteering Ottawa, a combined effort to draw more enthusiasts from afar.

We are very excited to start a new chapter in the history of orienteering in the Greater Montreal area, and we hope that you will be a part of it. We look forward to seeing you on December 11th!

Mt. Royal Score-O 2016


The Score-O 2016 came with a challenging course by Sven von Fellenberg. Only two runners managed to get all the controls, and the winning time by  Francis Falardeau of 1:41:30 was the longest winning time ever. The runners always needed  to navigate precisely to the  control feature, as some of the ribbons were hard to see – detailed map reading was required. In the men’s race, Francis Falardeau and Thomas Kneubühler were running head to head for the last ten controls. They both had chosen the same sequence for the ending, which made for an exciting finish. With two controls left, Falardeau took the lead and left Kneubühler 21 seconds behind at the finish. In the Women’s race, Aurore Varela  got her title back from defending champion Jessica Auer, who finished this year second.

The Results

1. Aurore Varela 470 pts
2. Jessica Auer 390
3. Marianne Coté-Jacques 325
4. Barbara Schuhmann 300
5. Maia Iotzova 290
Christine Rogers 290
7. Lina Gavrilova 280

1. Francis Falardeau 1:41:30
2. Thomas Kneubühler 1:41:51
3. Frederic Elias 580 pts
4. Danny Laviolette 560
5. Dmitri Golovanov 545
6. Stéphane Rousseau 540
7. Mike Bole 525

1. Jennifer + Dumindra Jayasinghe 375 pts
2. Andrea + Maxime Bélanger 330
Jonathan + Sam Comtois 330

Full results are here!

+ Some photos by Anna Fichmann:

The full set with all the photos is here

Thanks to everyone who made this happen, in particular John and Gloria Charlow for handling the registration, Sven von Fellenberg + Flurina for setting all the controls + all the runners who came out for the Score-O 2016!

+ the winning route by Francis Falardeau:

….and Aurore Varela:


Fall season starts with an Open Practice on Mt.Royal

The Fall season is just around the corner, and the schedule for the Ramblers events are posted. We are starting with an Open Practice on Mt. Royal on Wednesday August 31st, at 5:30 pm, with a get together for a picnic afterwards. Meeting point: Beaver Lake, picnic tables 100m south of the Chalet.  The first race will be on September 11 at Angrignon Park, followed by the highlight of the season, the Quebec Championship in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue QC on October 1&2nd. Not to far from Montreal (300 Km south) will be the North American Championships, scheduled for September 23 -25. Full schedule for the whole fall season on our event page.

Score-O 2015

Mont Royal Score-O 2015_Tapio Haarlaa
The winning route by Tapio Haarla from Finland
Jessica Score-O
Route by Jessica Auer, first women ever to get all controls in under 2 hours.

This event, with its mass start and 2-hour-maximum format, is an annual favourite amongst Orienteers. On Sunday, in spite of the light rain that fell during part of the race, 180 enthusiasts took part.  It’s too bad that only a few organizers get to see the often thrilling finishes.  This year we witnessed one of the best.

With nearly 45 minutes of the 2 hours left to go, Francis ran in to the finish but almost immediately darted off again. He had forgotten #32 at the extreme west edge of the map – 2.75 km (roundtrip) later and he was back, but now in 4th place.  In the meantime, another thrilling chase had occurred.  Thomas Kneubühler and Tapio Haarla came sprinting hard to the Finish but, oh no, Thomas had also over-looked a control and he too darted off to get it. Tapio had won his second Score-O with us!  The first was in 2008.

A Very Big THANK YOU to the many, many members who helped at the event; foremost among them: Bruce, who designed the course and, with Elaine, put in place all of the controls. Many diligent hands are needed to handle map preparations, registrations, organizing waivers, checking and tallying result cards, as well as picking up the controls after the event.

The Results of the top runner below, and full results are here.

1. Jessica Auer 600 pts
2. Aurore Varela 535 pts
3. Barbara Schuhmann 435 pts
4. Marie-Pierre Gauthier 420 pts
5. Marianne Côté-Jacques 415 pts.
6. Maia Iotzova 405 pts

1. Tapio Haarlaa 1:21:26
2. Jake Brennan 1:28:26
3. Philippe Côté-Jacques 1:30:00
4. Francis Falardeau: 1:31:45
5. Dmitri Golovanov 1:39:38
6. Thomas Kneubühler 1:39:42
7. Frederic Elias 1:40:00
8. Jeremy Barnes 1:41:00

1. Caroline Barre & Helene Dumais 565
2. Eric Crotty & Alexandre Chandler 485 pts
3. Anna Fichman & Leo Denotkine 460
4. Francois & Xavier Busch 425
5. Jennifer O’Connel & Dumindra Jayasinghe 415

Tapio Haarlaa from Finland is discussing his route with local Thomas Kneubühler.
Tapio Haarlaa from Finland is discussing his route with local Thomas Kneubühler.
Anna Fichman & Leo Denotkine who finished 3rd in the category Group